A Look at Todayís Oil Lamps

Published: 08th August 2011
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The advancements in electrical technologies have made sure that oil lamps are no longer used as the source of light. The electrical lamps are much more powerful and safer when compared to the oil lamps. However, even after all this, the oil lamps are considered to one of the most sought after possession as an antique. The price at which these once considered only means of light in the dark are auctioned can shock most of us. Nevertheless, they are one of the most valuable possessions of an antique collector and can be used to decorate your home in one of the most elegant ways. In addition to this, these oil lamps can also be used for their traditional purpose that is for lightening your rooms, in case of occasional power outages.

The lamps in todayís world are much different from the ones that existed back in 19th century. The lamps then used only kerosene and charcoal oil as a fuel and were used only for the purpose of illumination of surroundings. However, things have changed now and we have a variety of fuels based on the budget and the place they are kept in.

Many of us buy lamps to put them up in gardens, just for the purpose of decorations. If this is the reason you want to use your lamp as well, it is strongly recommended to use kerosene as fuel. Kerosene is cheap and easily available in all the parts of the world. However, kerosene is not the best fuel for your oil lamp because it burns with smoke and a lot of smell making it highly unsafe. It also produces carbon mono oxide which can lead to choking and blood clots. Thus, if there are a large number of people around the region where the lamp is placed, the kerosene oil lamp is highly dangerous.

The next option that is available as a fuel for oil lamps is the paraffin oil. Well, paraffin is same as kerosene, but is highly purified and produces very less amount of fumes and smoke. In terms of cost, paraffin is about 10 times more costly than kerosene. Nevertheless, paraffin oil lamps must not be placed in closed rooms for a long time, as it might choke the people out and might even cause death in extreme conditions.

If all the above options are extremely dangerous for indoor use, the does it means that oil lamps canít be placed inside our rooms? Well, this is not true as we still havenít discussed the Green Bio oil, which is a new invention in this century. This fuel is made out of vegetable fats and its makers claim it to be completely smokeless and odorless. As it is made of vegetables, it doesnít smell bad at all like kerosene and paraffin. However, it is very expensive and canít be found easily in the market. Nevertheless, it is the best option to light up your piece of antique if you donít mind spending a few extra bucks.

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