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Published: 05th April 2011
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There are a massive variety of ways to fragrance your home whatever the reason why you choose to: each has its advantages and most some disadvantages as well. There are some options that are cheap or easy to use which include sprays and other air fresheners such as plug-ins: these have the disadvantage that they are almost always full of chemicals, bad for you health and donít actually smell that nice. There are nicer options like diffusers that are great for creating a slight background smell in your home but donít really do enough to mask a smell and arenít always noticeable after a while. Scented candles of course are hugely popular but again they arenít always that strong unless you are right next to them. Incense is popular for being very strong smelling but unfortunately you are smelling smoke so it isnít great for your health particularly or for those with breathing difficulties. Oil burners are much better at really diffusing a fragrance and use natural ingredients, often essential oils. Oil burners come in two varieties: one where a dish of an oil is heated from below and one where a special fragranced oil for burning is drawn through a wick and burnt: which can be more efficient in terms of the strength of the smell and the amount of oil used relative to cost as the oil only needs a smaller amount of essential oils in.

Using natural ingredients to fragrance your home is a much better option than using chemicals in any case but especially so for those with conditions that may be aggravated by chemicals especially from sprays that fill the air with droplets of chemicals that you really donít want inside of you. Most people will get sore throats when around these chemicals for too long but people with conditions like asthma may really struggle and they may even suffer an asthma attack as a result. An oil burner may therefore be an ideal present for somebody who does have asthma.

In general fragrance lamps do make a great gift: be it for someone who you know well and know seems to have everything or for someone that you donít know so well who probably doesnít have one; a fragrance lamp is the kind of thing that you can have more than one of and use them in different rooms, itís also the kind of thing that almost anyone will enjoy and get use out of, even men: especially bachelors who want to set the mood if they have a date over.

With a fragrance lamp you can use them to simply fill your home with beautiful fragrance but it can also be used to set specific moods, maybe lavender when you want to relax or cinnamon at Christmas. Fragrance lamps are also ideal for getting rid of unwanted odors such as when you have been cooking or when your dog has come in from the rain with that distinctive wet dog smell. Fragrance lamps can even be used for relief of flu and colds by using fragrances such as Eucalyptus and Mint that will clear your sinuses.

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