How to Use Your Redolere Lamps

Published: 03rd May 2011
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If you have just been given a Redolere lamp as a gift you may be excited to use it, but unsure of how to make it work! Luckily, it is much more simple to use these oil lamps than you might think. After you do it a couple times you'll find that you can light the lamp with ease any time you would like your home to be filled with the beautiful scents of your chosen lamp oils.

To start using your oil lamp you will need to insert the stone and wick through the small collar. You'll push the stone through the collar until it sits inside of the collar. Remove the open air cap on the lamp and pour in your lamp oil. You will not want to pour more than three ounces into the lamp as more oil will cause the lamp to burn less efficiently.

Once you have filled the lamp with oil, you need to place the stone and wick and collar back onto the lamp. Also place the solid cap on the lamp. This will allow the wick to wick up, which means that the oil will be drawn into the wick. Keep the cap on for 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes have passed you will be ready to light the lamp. Remove both caps leaving just the wick and stone exposed. Light the stone with a match or lighter. You'll hold the match or lighter to the stone until it has a flame of its own. Let this flame burn for three minutes. During this time you will see that the flame gets smaller and smaller. After the three minutes have passed you should blow out the flame and replace the open air cap to allow for the fragrance to be perfectly dispersed throughout your home.

Once the Redolere lamp has dispersed all of the lamp oil, remove the open air cap with care, as it can be hot. Place the sold cap over the stone and wick. Then place the open air cap over the solid cap. After doing this your oil lamp will be extinguished within five minutes.

Next time you want to use your oil lamp you simply need to repeat the process. It may seem like it is a difficult process, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do it with ease. You can experiment with different lamp oils and even buy different glass oil lamps to match the décor in every room of your home or office. In addition to making your home smell good, these lamps are also a great decorative element.

Once you purchase and use your vintage oil lamp you'll find that this is a great gift. You can give these oil lamps and lamp oil for just about every occasion, so consider sharing your discovery of these lamps, your friends and family will thank you!

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